To keep oneself fit, a person has to indulge in some kind of physical activity. Regular exercise will keep us healthy and fit as we age. It not only reduces the risk of dementia but also boosts our immune system.

IPSOS polled about 21,000 adults from 29 countries about how active they lead their life. Just to find out their fitness habits.

The top of the league is the Netherlands. Men in the Netherlands are physically very active and on average, they spend around 15.2 hours in a week doing exercise or playing a sport. 4% of people in the Netherlands do not exercise at all. While the global average of people who do not exercise at all comes around 14%.

The Dutch do an average of 12.8 hours of exercise or play any sport in a week, which comes around 2 hours per day. Romania and Germany sweat around 11 hours per week.

People in Italy, Brazil, France, and Chile, exercise for less than four hours each week

A third of the Japanese population (around 34%) do not exercise at all.

People who belong to UK and USA are least likely to take part in team sports

Globally, the five most exercise activities are running, fitness, cycling, soccer, and swimming.

Around 53% of Chinese run regularly

In India 31% prefer cycling

6 out of 10 people like to play more sports

Peruvians are the most adherent soccer fans and 23% enjoy playing soccer.

German women are very active followed by Dutch and Romanian women.

Men exercise 90 more minutes more than women on average doing physical exercise.

Japanese and Brazilian women on average spend the least time doing physical exercise per week.

On average, a person spends around six hours being active every week i.e. a person spends an hour each day doing some form of physical activity.

As per the survey, more than half of people (around 58%) said that they wished to play more sports but only 6% of people said that they want to play less.

Some of the reasons for not doing any exercises are:

  • Lack of sufficient time to do any physical activity or play any sport
  • Lack of money
  • Not having enough people to play
  • Weather conditions: extremely hot or cold conditions discourage people to go out and exercise.
  • Not having any sports facilities


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