Relationships are like crystals and we don’t realize its value until it breaks.

  • The divorce rate in India has gone up from 5% in 1980 to 14% at present.
  • Nuclear families make up 70% of all households in India.
  • The divorce rate in the USA – 53%.

Relationships take patience and care in order to flourish. Patience can also be attained through yoga. Whenever we try to meditate it would take immense effort and patience to clear our thoughts until we can experience the rewards of meditation.

Yoga of relationship includes: Balance, Flexibility, and connection.

The ancient time-tested practice of Yoga is of enormous importance to mankind as it teaches us patience and also helps in creating an open, deeply intimate, authentic, sustainable, healthy and dynamic relationship.

Yoga poses can be difficult to perform, and those practicing yoga regularly can improve poses and also modify the movements. At times it can be frustrating and even requires a lot of perseverance to attain perfection.

Yoga trains us to relax and become aware of all the important aspects of our life. A dedicated practice of yoga over a period of time would shift our focus away from the physical aspect of life, and thus would lead to an overall increase in our holistic wellbeing.

Yoga increases self-awareness, and it would help turn us into better persons, and thus, better partners. Yoga encourages us to realize our inner selves and take responsibility for ourselves and our actions.

Balance between – Intimacy and Independence

By practicing Yoga on a regular basis we will come to know and love ourselves, a union of opposites within us, we find self acceptance, and sensitivity and awareness to our own needs and requirements. When we are self aware, self responsible, self accepting, and self loving, then we are ready to enter into relationship with another person. 

Relationships are like sand held in the hand. If held too tightly or too loosely it will slip away. Intimacy involves participating in the other person’s life through all the ups and downs, but at the same respecting their freedom and the choices and giving them the space to operate. The practice of yoga changes our mindset and attitude towards life and helps us lead a peaceful and happy life. 

A good and healthy relationship is based on empathy, love, truth, respect, freedom and self-control. By implementing a yogic understanding of these aspects we can contribute to the improvement of our relationship.

Flexibility means being malleable to bend one’s ego and giving space to accommodate other personalities, attitudes, etc. Never impose your personality on others.

Connection: Yoga means to connect. You can connect to others when you are empathetic.

Empathy comes when we start thinking more of others and less of ourselves. When we are only concerned about the fulfillment of our desires and what we receive from the other person we are disconnected from them. Only when we are receptive to the other person’s needs we are able to connect to them. In giving we receive.


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