Sant Kabir, also known as Punjabi Kabir, is a 15th-century Indian saint. He was a Sufi Muslim who defied all religious boundaries and brought together Hindus and Muslims alike. In one of his couplets, he wrote, If you are a Hindu, I shall be a Hindu; if you are Christian, I shall become Christian; If you are a Jew, then I shall be Jew.

  • Kabir was a mysterious poet and saint from India. He was very influential in his time and has a lot to do with the current era. Kabir’s early life was not firmly established.
  • In Indian tradition, it is strongly believed that he lived for 120 years from 1398 to 1518, which enables him to connect with other famous figures such as Guru Nanak and Sikandar Lodi.

His Contribution through writings

  • Kabir Panth is a large religious group that recognizes Kabir as the creator of the Sant Mat sect. 
  • The members of Kabir Panth are called Kabir panthis, and they have spread throughout northern and central India. Some of Kabir Das’ great works are Bijak, Kabir Granthawali, Anurag Sagar, Sakhi Granth, etc. 
  • He was a very spiritual person. He was a great Sadhu. He was world-renowned for his influential traditions and culture.

Kabir Das thoughts and philosophy

  • Kabir’s poems reflect his philosophy of life. His work was mainly based on the concepts of reincarnation and karma. Kabir’s philosophy of life is very clear.
  • He believes in living a very simple way. He has a strong belief in the idea of ​​God’s unity. He advocated the concept of Koi bole Ram Ram Koi Khudai.
  • The basic idea is to spread the message that whether you recite the name of a Hindu God or a Muslim God, the fact is that there is only one God who is the creation of this beautiful world.
  • When it comes to Kabir das’ philosophy and principles, he opposes the caste system imposed by the Hindu community and the idea of ​​idol worship.
  • Instead, he defended Atman’s concept of Vedanta. He supports the minimalist life philosophy advocated by Sufis. To get a clear understanding of Sant Kabir’s philosophy, check out his poems and two lines of poems called dohas, which tell his thoughts and soul. 

Kabir’s teachings

  • Kabir’s philosophy is very simple. He is known as the guiding spirit of the bhakti movement. He preached bhakti or dedication through his Doha.
  • Kabir’s Doha touched everyone’s heart, and everyone loved him. 


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