Winters can wreak your perfect hair game as they put a lot of stress on your hair and scalp. The cold season can be regarded as a bad hair season. In winters due to cold outside weather conditions coupled with dry indoor heat, one can notice severe hair issues like split ends, dry hair, and breakage of hair strands. Lack of moisture in the air in this season would dry up the scalp and makes the hair frizzy, leaving the hair dull and lifeless. Almost all types of hair suffer from such a situation in this season and one should take a little extra care to restore their smooth, healthy, and lustrous-looking hair.

Things to avoid:
 Never use shampoo directly on the scalp, instead, you can mix it with water and then
use, so that the shampoo is spread evenly throughout the scalp.
 Avoid taking hot showers or baths- as hot air dries out your hair and scalp
 Manage/ minimize your stress levels
 Do not rub your hair with a towel to dry it
 Never put up/ tie your hair while it is still damp
 Avoid frequent hair washes
 Never scrub the scalp with your nails
 Don’t use tight rubber bands

 Avoid going out with wet hair, as in winter’s wet hair freezes and breaks easily.
 Apply organic honey to the hair to get back the lost shiny look and also to prevent hair
damage and also to make the damaged hair cuticles smoother
 Avoid using heat styling products like hair dryers and curling irons ( as the heat dries up
the hair and scalp)
 Avoid long hot showers and baths
 Avoid wearing hats made of wool, cotton and other coarse fabric as its usage can cause
split end and breakage of hair

Tips for silky and smooth hair this winter

 Have a balanced diet. Omega 3, chicken, eggs, dairy products, fish, etc are excellent
sources of protein and their regular intake would keep the hair follicles strong.
 Use oil-based hair moisturizers to reverse the mulish behavior of winter hair.
 Use dry shampoo or volumizing spray to help add volume to thin and lifeless hair.
 Apply gently heated hair oil at least once a week and gently massage your scalp so
that the oil penetrates deep into the hair roots. Regular massaging would help
moisturizes the scalp and improve blood circulation.
 Use mild hair shampoo or damage rescue shampoo to strengthen and moisturize your

 Drink plenty of water to keep your hair and scalp hydrated
 Use lukewarm water for bathing purposes
 Always blow-dry or let your hair dry naturally, as wet hair and scalp leads to a lot of hair
problems like dandruff, split ends, and breakage
 Go for a hair mask once a week
 Go for regular trims, as they would help keep your hair in good condition and also
reduce the risk of split ends.


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